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The aim of this workshop is to give you the strategies to manage your time and stress so that you may have a more balanced and wholesome life.

Professionals suffer the symptoms of time and stress mismanagement such as: anxiety, fatigue, tension, emotional outbursts and an inability to relax. These are just a handful of outward signs of the crippling stress and a lack of time that affects so many successful, driven people globally. These psychological and physiological effects and pressures can be damaging both mentally and physically.

The Time and Stress Management workshop is tailored for the modern individuals who feel under pressure and would like to positively manage their wellbeing and resources.

  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Team members
  • and any employee who suffers from anxiety or dissatisfaction from their time and stress issues and are looking to develop techniques to manage their lives more effectively.

Compass vs Clock

  • set a direction to your time

Set Priorities

  • set priorities and boundaries to get things done

Understand and Recognize Stess

  • understand what stress is and recognize its symptoms in yourself and your colleagues

Recognize Sources of Stress

  • recognize your sources of stress and develop strategies to effectively deal it.

Manage yourself Real Time

  • manage yourself in real time and look at stress in relation to performance

Develop Stress Management Goals

  • create a personal vision and develop stress management goals to build personal success

Reduce the Impact of Stress

  • develop a better work relationship and reduce the impact of stress in interpersonal exchange

Regular Fee

AED 2500
  • per participant

Gold Package

AED 2125

15% discount for 2 participants from the same organization

  • per participant

Platinum Package

FREE for

4th participant from the same organization

  • 2500 AED per participant

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Send Email: registration@mindsuae.com

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